I'm Sam Luebbers

Not the handsome dog in the disguise, but the creator or this website. A website which is supposed to tell you things about me and the work I do, so here are some of those things!

  • I work in computer programming of some sort or another – This can include several different languages, but the main ability that I bring to the table is being able to solve problems. It’s actually quite fun.
  • Actually, to expand on that first point – I own and operate a web design/hosting agency. Check it out! 
  • Health should be important to everybody – I mean, without health you don’t really have.. anything.
  • Consumerism, is it good? – This topic can get pretty in depth. Do you need a better car? Should you work more hours for it? Why does everything has to be so intense to get your attention? This is basically consumerism vs. minimalism.
  • For Instance – Most science research is funded with the hopes of turning a profit on the results. You could say that’s bad, but would we actually have the money to research things if it wasn’t? Greed can be labeled as evil, but without any greed, we would never make the world better. 

There’s a lot more, but there’s a lot to uncover with everybody.